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Bubbles Workshop

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More than 140 years after its creation, Maison Guinot is still innovating with the opening of the Atelier des Bulles in 2017.

For 6 generations now, Maison Guinot has been passing on its know-how and techniques to make original and rare Blanquettes and Crémants de Limoux.

Today it opens its doors to you to share its knowledge, and invites you to participate in the creation of its exceptional wines, old vintages, tender, rosé or woody.

A workshop in small groups of less than 20 people, in a technical and fun atmosphere at the same time. How bubbles are born, to make vintages, "foams. Understanding the subtle balance between the different grape varieties or a length of aging, to obtain a wine that will harmonize perfectly with a particular or unexpected dish.

Van 1 tot 20 mensen


Gratis voor kinderen jonger dan 18 jaar oud

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