Terres des templiers
Terres des templiers

Bezoek Terres des templiers in Banyuls-sur-Mer

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In an exceptional place, where marvelous treasures are waiting for you...

The Banyuls vineyard was built over 25 centuries of history to become a true human piece. It was maintained by generation of winegrowers. Terres des Templiers, the crown jewel of catalan wineries, invites you to 40 minutes long guided tour. Explore its rich history, ancestral secrets and traditions. Learn how the Collioure and Banyuls wines are made.

Moutains and Sea, sun and wind become one...

The “Grande Cave” (Great Cellar) Terres des Templiers will astonish you. There is everywhere a piece of magic carefully protected and maintained by man and nature, between light and shadow. After watching our movie “ The Great Banyuls’ Legend “ a guide will tell you all about the vineyard, wine making processes and aging methods. Soon you’ll be walking amongst the centuries old casks, surrounded by their smell and atmosphere. And then, you’ll witness the aging of countless red barrels outside, bathed in the sun and bitten by the winter winds.

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Grenache Noir Syrah Carignan

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5,00€ - 1000,00€ per fles

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Guide Hachette

Guide Hachette

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