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Located in the parish of Alpendurada, in the municipality of Marco de Canavezes, the emblematic Casa de Vilacetinho, it’s one of the oldest brands of the region, adding important milestones to the history of Portuguese wines.

Casa de Vilacetinho, of 1790, was one of the first producers of the Vinhos Verdes region. Today it continues to honour its legacy of producing high quality wines.

Going back in time, Vilacetinho could be considered a giant when compared to the sizes of other properties in the Douro region, due to unification of 2 large estates, which were originally part of the Benedictine Monastery of Alpendurada.

The Vilacetinho estate due to its size and exceptional agricultural characteristics, is therefore a unique property in the context of the region. Unique wines are produced in this estate, true embodiment of the distinct terroir that gives them life. Wines with character and distinguished, with certain features of Champagne wines.

The Avesso grape variety, simultaneously one of the most emblematic and challenging of the Vinhos Verdes region, is the basis of the wines from Casa de Vilacetinho, which are characterized by their strong character, balance and elegance. With a young and fresh profile, they adapt to various consumption occasions. Besides the Vinhos Verdes DOC, the Casa de Vilacetinho also produces sparkling wines.

The status of quality and tradition has been honored by the family that has managed the wine production for eight generations. Currently, the Casa de Vilacetinho is present in three sectors of activity: winemaking, wine tourism and real estate.

With a special connection to the region where it is located, Casa de Vilacetinho has been investing, in recent years, in Wine Tourism. There are visits to the vineyards and winery, there are commented tastings and other programs, always prepared rigorously and in a personalized manner.

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Avesso Loureiro Arinto - Pederna Witte azal

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Rua de Vilacetinho, Portugal Portugal

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