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Soupçons en Jurançon

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Onmiddellijke bevestiging na betaling.

Over deze ervaring en gastheer

An original and unprecedented visit to the Jurançon vineyard. In a small group or with your family, embark on a Volkswagen COMBI (or your own vehicle) to wander the vineyard roads and contemplate the beauty of the landscapes, meet local winegrowers and try to solve an investigation: the murder of a renowned wine expert.

Throughout the adventure, the investigators for a day follow their road book to visit passionate winemakers, both accomplices of the operation and potential culprits of the package. The opportunity for participants to interact with producers, to taste the delicate Jurançon wines, to play outdoors for the little ones and ... to check everyone's alibi on the spot.

At the end of the day, it is a question of designating the culprit. And above all to gain the memory of a memorable day in one of the most emblematic vineyards of the southwest.

Voor maximaal 2 mensen


Gratis voor kinderen jonger dan 18 jaar oud

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