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L’ Ampélo or The Ampelography

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Over deze ervaring en gastheer

To tell you about and share our wines, we wanted to give you access to a key moment in the construction of a vintage: the blending. First of all, we will take together from the barrel, a sample of the en primeur blended wine, then a sample of the wine of each non-blended grape variety that we have kept and matured in barrels separately. Then, in the heart of our barrel cellar, we will taste them, one by one, with their berries, to compare the wealth and contribution of each one. You will thus know why Bordeaux is so attached to blend several grape varieties in its wines. In a second time, we will go to the Wine Bar to taste 3 other vintages around a local product plate; we will continue with a nice thirst-quenching wine, our rosé, Les Roses de Marie, and will finish with our last one, noGGIN, a spirit drink reflecting the freshness of the garden; both are made from grapes grown on our terroir.


  • Gratis maskers staan tot uw beschikking
  • Hydroalcoholische gel staat tot uw beschikking
  • Er wordt een sociale afstand van minimaal 1,5 m aangehouden

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Gratis voor kinderen jonger dan 18 jaar oud

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Martin Vlag fr aug. 2020

Une entreprise familliale qui a soif de transmettre sa passion du vin. Plein de bon conseil et une merveilleuse dégustation. Les tourangeaux

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3 Route de la Chatole, Saint-Sauveur, France

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