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Toscane Wijnmakerij / wijnboer
The Lamole di Lamole Estate was founded shortly after the Second World War.
The historic winery, in which one still finds today the aging cellars and the vinsantaia (Vinsanto cellar), dates from the mid-fourteenth century; it was part of the Castle of Lamole
This structure has now been flanked by a more modern winery nearby and by a facility down in the valley, in the area of Greti.
The Estate covers a total of 288 hectares, of which 77 are under vine.
You will be greeted in our “Salotto” (”Salon”), before we transfer towards the winery; you will be able to admire the Historic Vineyard (planted in 1945) and the Experimental one. The state-of-the-art technology in the vinification cellar contrasts with the Historic one, filled with large casks and barriques. The tour ends in the “Vinsantaia”, where one of Chianti Classico’s iconic products slowly matures: Vinsanto, obtained using the traditional method. The visit is followed by a tasting of wines from our Tuscan estates.

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Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Trebbiano Malvasia Fina

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5,00€ - 130,00€ per fles

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