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Sabering a Bottle of Champagne

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Learn how to saber a bottle of Champagne from home!

Together, we will open a bottle of Champagne according to an old tradition! History says that this tradition dates back to the Napoleonic Wars. Besides, Napoleon Bonaparte himself would have said: “I cannot live without champagne, if I win, I deserve it; in case of defeat, I need it. "

I will teach you all the steps to successfully saber your bottle. Then we will see together the basics of tasting Champagne. I will also explain the key stages in the production of this sparkling wine and the history of the Champagne region in France.

For this course, you need a cool bottle, a saber (or knife) and a glass of Champagne or wine to taste it.

Thanks to this "Master Champagne class", you would become an expert in sabering and tasting Champagne!

Van 2 tot 10 mensen


Gratis voor kinderen jonger dan 18 jaar oud

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Épernay, France

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  •  - Sabering a Bottle of Champagne
  •  - Sabering a Bottle of Champagne
  •  - Sabering a Bottle of Champagne

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