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Pic Saint Loup winetour

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Onmiddellijke bevestiging na betaling.

Over deze ervaring en gastheer

While we navigate between domains, garrigue, small roads and local gastronomy, I will give you an outdoor and leisurely introduction to oenology. We will talk about wine, grapes and terroir, certainly, but also about the countryside, the people and the thousand of other things that shape taste and life in their own ways around here. A relaxed discovery of a piece of France I particularly treasure.
This winetour is including the pick up and drop off, the visit of 2 wineries, the wine tasting and the farm to table meal in our guest house.

Je wordt tijdens deze ervaring niet gemengd met andere gasten


  • Gratis maskers staan tot uw beschikking
  • Hydroalcoholische gel staat tot uw beschikking
  • Er wordt een sociale afstand van minimaal 1,5 m aangehouden

We will provide you with an individual hydro alcoholic gel. We have also selected isolated sites and areas and the tasting will take place in a private area. The meal will be taken at an individual table d'hôtes and without any interaction with other customers. It is a private experience. You will be alone, as a couple or in a group to participate.

Van 2 tot 16 mensen


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Proeven van 10 wijnen

Tijdens deze ervaring kunt u proeven van 10 verschillende wijnen



Een gids zal uw groep tijdens de hele ervaring begeleiden

Fles water


Privé vervoer

De weg vragen

441 Chemin de Bassac

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  •  - Pic Saint Loup winetour
  •  - Pic Saint Loup winetour
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